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Wagah Border, Attari

Wagah Border is located at a distance of 28 kilometers from Amritsar. It is the only border crossing between India and Pakistan. It is an army outpost to protect check intrusion from Pakistan and prevents any Indian from going to Pakistan. Special buses and taxes from Amritsar take the tourists to Wagah Border. En route Wagah the tourists chance upon seeing some of the most fertile lands of Amritsar.

At the border outpost there is a complex of buildings, roads and barriers on both sides. At the entrance of this outpost, there is a sightseeing gate with an inscription "Swarna Jayanti". From this a panoramic view of the landscape is seen. There are electrified fences with 66,000 volts of electric current.

People visit Wagah border to see "Beating the Retreat" ceremony performed by the soldiers in evening. Soldiers from India and Pakistan perform a flag march. The flags are both the countries are brought down. Then the gates between India and Pakistan are opened. Soldiers perform some drills and then the complex is illuminated. The whole ceremony takes about half an hour.